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A New Target for Marketers.

They’re digitally oriented, diverse, independent, often overweight, and medicated. Teens, ages 13-18, and tweens, ages 8-12, are becoming more financially influential and technologically savvy, making them major targets for marketers.

Teens and tweens are unlike any other population group – unburdened by financial responsibilities like mortgage payments, student loans or bills. Teenage finances, whether they come from parents or a job, are mostly disposable and freely spent. Catering to this group, many companies have started to take advantage of increased internet access and are coming out with adolescent-targeted lines of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, toys and even foods. They’re using digital intelligence for messaging and to spread awareness.

“Today, the 11-year-old is an authority on this digital revolution, which is changing business, commerce, government, entertainment — every institution in society,” Don Tapscott, a leading digital and innovation writer, said in one of his books. Technology isn’t just around them — it consumes them. They use it at school, to get news, to shop, and even to make friends. With roughly 95% of teens actively online, this group is dominated by the digital landscape, and marketers better follow suit.

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