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Fusion Hill Facelift II.

Hello August, Fusion Hill here, we’re looking forward to you. With our renovation almost finished, we’re dreaming of spaciousness and are nothing short of ecstatic – except for one thing. . .

Starting August 1st, the research team is packing up and moving downstairs to the expansion while creative will continue to work on 2nd floor. Talk about separation anxiety. How will we know who is out in the field today? Who will answer that quick question about a deliverable? WHAT IS THE JOB NUMBER FOR THAT ONE PROJECT? Okay, we’re being dramatic. We’re just being separated by one flight of steps. We’ll probably email them.

We know it’s cheesy, but the cozy, can-yell-to-ask-a-question feel really defines how Fusion Hill has always operated and we’re going to miss it. On to the next 10 years – two teams, two floors, two kitchens, one patio. . we had to say it. But in all seriousness, the more the merrier. Bring on the new!

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