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Call us impressionable, but as researchers, we take our work seriously and seek to truly understand our subject matter. When immersed in a new project, whether it’s about financial services, healthcare, or a CPG product, we often find ourselves adopting new habits we’ve picked up in field. Hiring a personal financial advisor, wearing elaborate eye make-up, eating extra amounts of Greek yogurt and buying treadmills are all behaviors our team has manifested as a result of our projects on money management, cosmetics, packaged food, and Diabetes. Our most recent hot project is profiling Millennials who bake. In addition to this sweet hobby, it turns out many Millennials also enjoy knitting as a pastime. Only a few weeks after observing this twentysomething crafting phenomenon, our own Millennials are making cakes AND now knitting hats and scarves over lunch. Who knows what our next research-related hobby or habit will be, let’s hope it’s a healthy one!

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