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In our years of health care marketing experience we’ve seen that the most successful approach hinges on education as a means to engagement. From broad-reaching large-scale campaigns to more targeted tactics, knowing what people want and helping them learn what fills those wants is what gets their attention. This is especially true of health care marketing, which is the majority of our business. That’s why at Fusion Hill, we have both a research team to understand the consumer, and a design team to communicate to the consumer in ways that educate, engage and compel.

Last week, we were named the agency to handle both market research and the creative for the commercial launch of an implantable medical device that manages atrial fibrillation. First, we’ll uncover insights about the patient’s journey with the disease, as well as the roles of physicians, family and friends, the implanters, and other influencers. In the process we’ll observe patients’ drivers and barriers to using an implantable device. We’ll take all these insights together to craft a campaign to educate patients about the device and its benefits. The campaign will also encourage them to ask their doctor to learn more about whether they could receive it as an improvement to their quality of life.

Our client is a major player in the industry with a new device that’s going to change the landscape atrial fibrillation therapy. We’re delighted to be a part of that new world, and can’t wait to get started.

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