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Credit Cards, Rewards and You.

Recently, we’ve been coast to coast researching finances – specifically credit cards and rewards programs. We spoke with Millennial men and women about their credit card journeys, what they love about their credit cards, and more importantly, how the cards they use and the rewards they redeem for can be made even better. So how about you? Are you a “Transactor” who pays in full every month or a “Revolver” who carries a balance? If you’re in on a rewards program, what do you redeem for? We found that it’s typically the thing you “live for”.

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A Starry Night.

Fusion Hill is proud to be a gold sponsor, and the donating designer of Children’s Starry Night – An Evening of Arts & Healing. We hope you will join us for an enchanting evening to support and fund a year of arts programming—including music therapy, creative play and visual arts—for patients and families being treated at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. This inaugural event offers an inspirational glimpse of Children’s partnership with several community art organizations, plus allows you to experience the power of art through unique exhibits and performances.

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Transforming Healthcare.

Healthcare simply can’t carry on the way it has been, we have to radically transform the industry. This sentiment and the immense amount of energy behind it was the impetus for the Transform 2012 conference at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Fusion Hill principals joined healthcare leaders from across the nation, and even the world along with other researchers and designers, health practitioners and thought leaders to brainstorm and share ideas. There is no silver bullet, but, there is a great deal of good work and momentum in creating a new era of healthcare.

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