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How does chronic pain figure into quality of life? Is there a better way to help people affected by it? These are questions we set out to answer during our latest research endeavor. The insights we uncovered will help develop a new technology system aimed at solving the problem of pain.

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We’re on a boat!

This month our principals set out to sea with hundreds of marketing executives from Fortune 500 companies. New partnerships were formed and big ideas cultivated during their three-day voyage with a who’s who list of businesses. Oh the possibilities!

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April Showers Bring May Flowers.

While we’re still waiting for summer in Minnesota, Vera Bradley brought the bloom early with a colorful array of new patterns and purse styles. To give them a proper introduction, Fusion Hill created new print materials for retailers of Vera Bradley to get familiar with this season’s latest.

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Innovation in sports medicine.

Fusion Hill is partnering with Tornier for the 2009 launch of their Sports Medicine line. Using custom photography and sleek graphics to showcase groundbreaking technologies, we’re on the cutting edge of medicine and design.

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Let’s bounce.

We bought two mini trampolines for our office and things are looking up. Well, more like up and down and up and down … In addition to the myriad health benefits, we’ve found that there’s nothing like a little bouncing to refresh our minds and lift our spirits.

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Gentlemen, start your engines.

Universal Technical Institute knows automotive education but after a visual and positioning rehaul, they needed to make sure they were still appealing to potential students. Fusion Hill joined the crew to lead concept testing of UTI’s new messaging, photography and design elements.

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Well, well, well.

In the spirit of the New Year and new beginnings, we are thrilled to be engaged in marketing fresh and exciting wellness products in the healthcare arena. With fresh photography, tons of white space and great messaging, we’re seeing the benefits of living well.

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We heart hearts.

Valentine’s Day brought out the bakers in us. Assembled with chocolate, heart-shaped cookie cutters and a lot of love, we carefully packaged up our little bundles of joy. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s than to share some sweets with our sweet friends?

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Big insight on small business.

This month we are engaged in a research project for a major credit card company. We will be identifying the needs of today’s small business owner, finding out what makes them tick and, ultimately, what makes them spend.

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