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Looking Ahead.

Fusion Hill recently teamed up with a world-renowned medical device company to design an exciting ad campaign for an upcoming product launch. Utilizing their existing brand elements combined with new theme-specific imagery, we developed a campaign that is sure to stir up excitement.

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Tweed Ride

Donned in our finest woolen blends, ladies hats and gloves, we joined our fellow mates for the April Showers edition of the Minneapolis Bicycle Tweed Ride. Commencing at tea time with a gathering at Minnehaha Falls Park, awards were given for dapperest gent and most fetching lady. T’was a most glorious time indeed.

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Fusion Hill presents!

This month, the Fusion Hill principles gave a presentation on the power of ethnographic research at the 2010 Marketing Forum in Miami Florida. “The Consumer Engineer: Using ethnographic research and creative to drive disruptive product innovation” demonstrated how we design, field and analyze studies that illuminate new and groundbreaking insights.

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Culture Club.

The Fusion Hill principals just returned home from three weeks of business travel in China. During their visit they we able to get out and experience the culture, contemplate ancient spaces and enjoy “hot pot”, one of Szechuan’s spiciest cuisines.

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Urgent Emergency.

Fusion Hill recently teamed up with a major healthcare company to help them understand a rising trend in non-emergent Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits. We conducted phone interviews with consumers to find out why they choose the ER and what tactics could be used to encourage them to change their future behavior.

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Design Matters.

We are excited to announce that Fusion Hill has been showcased in the 2010 Rockport publication, “Design Matters: Portfolios 01”. The 192-page book features unique and creative work in the field of graphic design and we have been recognized for our self-promotional design. Check it out, we’re famous!

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From Russia, with Love.

This month our team was back in the (formerly-known-as) U.S.S.R for another round of ethnographic research. This time, despite their tight schedule, the frigid temps and some truly impressive traffic jams, they were able to fit in a little fun. Nothing like a performance of Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre to complete the Russian experience.

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Deep South.

We’ve been partnering with commercial photographer Tom Strand over the years –shooting everything from airplanes to people. This month we toured his personal work at Umber Studios – a stunning collection of surrealistic portraits set in the bayous of Louisiana. It put us in the mood for Po’ Boys and gumbo! Ya’ll come back, ya hear?

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

We’re going retro with these new pin-up girl ads for Hollywood Shapes. Soon, women everywhere will be “Comfortably curvy, yet dangerously sexy” thanks to Hollywood Fashion Tape. Watch out West coast, we’ve got a leg up on fashion!

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