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What’s Brewing.

This month’s Fusion Hill fun day was about stirring the pot. We’re brewing up “Fusion Chill” Summer Ale – a delicious honey weizen that will debut this summer at our patio party. Follow us on Twitter for the details of the label design!

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“I’ve delivered about 10,000 babies.”

In a recent research inquiry on infertility, Fusion Hill asked doctors what the most important components to achieving a successful pregnancy and birth were. OB/GYNs in our study agreed that the number one factor in working through successful infertility cases is “the relationship”. In order to best connect with and direct patients, doctors need to assess the personality profile of the patient (and the patient’s partner). Is she particularly emotional and in need of more hand holding than another woman who prioritizes scientific data over bedside manner? Is she willing to travel long distances to see an infertility specialist? Is she truly serious about the emotional and financial commitment required to have a successful pregnancy and birth? Answers to these questions help doctors determine the treatment course for each of their infertility patients – one that’s right for her and will ultimately, “deliver”.

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Using Ethnographic Research to Drive Innovation.

Fusion Hill is attending The Marketing Forum in Miami, FL. Principal, Kerry Sarnoski, will present on the topic of ethnographic research and how to leverage it to drive new and disruptive product innovation.

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Who has it figured out – dentists or doctors?

According to our research participants, dentists have figured out how to provide a pretty darn good consumer experience. Reminder calls, massage chairs in the waiting room and even incentives for positive behavior change. (And mind you, no one likes to go to the dentist.) Many are following a model that’s more like a beauty salon. So why haven’t doctors caught on? After all, patients are consumers, right? We have a choice of where to go and who to see. And a trip to the clinic can be a lot more cha-ching than a hair cut and color.

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Earth Day ArtScraps Donation.

In celebration of Earth Day, we are donating our gently used office supplies to ArtScraps, a non-profit creative re-use store in Saint Paul. ArtScraps accepts a wide variety of material donations from individuals, stores and corporations, encouraging the re-use of materials to create unique and fun art projects for children of all ages.

See what materials you can donate at http://artstart.org/donation.html

Happy Earth Day!

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Play Date.

Hey moms, play nice. It’s hard to line up play dates these days, and it’s even harder if you’re a stay-at-home dad. There’s an influx of dads that are on kid-duty these days – 2 million of them according to Aaron Rochlen University of Texas at Austin. But many of them still feel alienated. The stores don’t cater to them and they don’t get invited to Mommy and Me classes. So ladies, extend the olive branch and invite that dad and his kids down the street over for coffee and fruit snacks.

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Total Recall.

The connection between the sense of smell and memory is very powerful; just ask a woman about the first perfume she wore as a girl. Participants in a recent study on fragrance shared their lifelong experience with perfume and other scented body products. An overwhelming majority of women were able to remember the specific years when they wore certain scents. For example, most women remember the fragrance they wore on their wedding day and some couples reported celebrating their wedding anniversaries by gifting each other the scents they wore at their weddings. The sense of smell is powerful enough to transport people back to a specific time and place. How can your company capitalize on this connection between the sense of smell and memory to create new and innovative products?

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Happy and Hour.

Perfectly lovely words when used separately, but put them together and you get something special. This month, we celebrated this harmonious marriage of words by hosting a little get-together for our friends and clients. It was another great success and thanks to all of you who joined us. (And for those that couldn’t make it, we’ll see you next time!)

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Focused on Fitness.

When challenged to lead a healthier lifestyle, the participants in our fitness focus groups really stepped up their game. One person lost 31 pounds on his weight-loss journey and recorded an amazing 53,000 steps in one day! Others used the challenge to reignite their neglected New Year’s resolutions, reminding us that true change can start anytime of the year.

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A Modern Family.

After months of back-to-back travel intercontinentally and abroad, we found the entire Fusion Hill team in the office, on the same day! This of course warranted a lunch date at one of our favorite local restaurants; The Modern. We dined on comfort foods, dished on travel adventures and enjoyed a perfectly lovely family reunion.

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