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The Fourth Meal.

We recently wrapped up a research study on frozen pizza and pizza rolls. We interviewed moms and kids in the Midwest and the South in an effort to uncover the magical qualities of these popular hot snacks. Moms and kids agree that they are the perfect fit for the new “fourth meal” of the day – that time between school and evening activities when kids need fast fuel.

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The Care Receiver.

After much travel, we spent several weeks in the office pouring over participant data, imagery, notes and videos, creating a full understanding and narrative of what it is like to be disabled or elderly and in need of care. Their opinion, although it can be hard or near impossible to express at times, truly matters. We listened as they told us their stores: who they are, what they want from their caregiver, health insurance, and life, showing us what it is like to receive care. The future state of healthcare not only relies on the caregivers, but also on the health and wellbeing of the care receivers themselves, so they can stay happy and healthy in their own homes until the very end.

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Genesis II for Families is now …

It’s official! Our non-profit partner, Genesis II for Families, is now FamilyWise. As this terrific organization grows, they now have a vibrant brand that will blossom with them.

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The Caregiver.

Our research team recently returned from several weeks in the Southwestern states, interviewing caregivers, care receivers and professional nursing assistants. We’re working to uncover what it means to keep care in the home (and out of institutions) as well as answer pertinent questions about the persona of the Caregiver: who is she/he and what hurdles are in store for someone who takes on the care of a parent or child with health issues? With an ever-increasing number of aging Boomers, the future state of healthcare will rely heavily on those who are willing to make personal sacrifices in order to give care to loved-ones.

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A Place for Innovation.

Fusion Hill has been out in the field talking to consumers about our health and beauty client’s new product packaging concepts. In Chicago and New York, consumers used prototypes for a week and then brought them in for our focus groups to discuss their overall experience and critiques. Although many immediately believed it to be a great on-the-go package design, most discussed other ways to integrate it into their everyday life, and the world of opportunities the packaging presents to their health and beauty products—and beyond! How can you make your products better for on the go? Are there ways your current on-the-go packaging could make your everyday life better and more convenient as well?

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16 Million More.

In preparation for the 2014 Health Care Law Reform, Fusion Hill has been conducting research to better understand who it will impact and how. For a start, the reform will increase who can be covered by Medicaid – which will expand the offering to 16 million more people int the US. In order for the reform to be impactful, insurance providers are seeking to understand who the newly eligible prospective member is, what they want and need from their health care, what their relationship has been to health care in the past and what role their new coverage will have in their lives? Ultimately: how can Medicaid best serve and engage this new group? Our job is a big one to say the least. We’re out seeking these answers and talking directly to potential members who are helping us all understand what they believe the future holds for them.

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