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Making Their Mark.

With a brand launch in late 2014, SeaChange Print Innovations has had a remarkable start. While they’ve set up an all-star client roster, they’re also already winning awards.

Specializing in all things print, SeaChange wanted to announce their new brand with a personalized mailer that showcased techniques and a unique approach. And we were happy to help! Not only did it impress prospects … SeaChange was presented with a Best in Class Star Award from the Printing Industry of the Midwest this spring. Talk about showing your own capabilities! We’re proud to be in partnership with this transformative group. Congrats, SeaChange!

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Smart Funding.

As health savings account (HSA) holders shift from opening an account for daily use to leveraging it as a retirement savings tool, they go through a complex journey. A top health services company defined this path with its proprietary model detailing each stage.

This company, our client, communicates with account holders several times throughout the year to remind consumers of the benefits of an HSA and to encourage them to contribute and save for the future.

Using targeted messaging from past research, the 2014 summer funding campaign made a splash – with a greater than 31% open rate and a 2.3% click rate, higher than any previous campaign, the annualized lift was over 5 million, a 150% return on investment. The results were so significant that the campaign received a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for email communication.

We didn’t stop there. After the summer campaign, we conducted additional research to understand the consumers’ relationship with HSAs. Insights gained during the focus groups helped direct the year-end campaign – stay tuned to see if the research paid off.

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Fusion Hill A La Salsa.

With winter behind us and fair weather ahead, a celebration of Spring was certainly due. And what better way than to celebrate than with a Fusion Hill happy hour! We took off early last Thursday and spent an afternoon munching on chips and salsa and sipping delicious margaritas with great clients and friends. Thanks to everyone who joined us at Rojo Mexican Grill! We’re looking forward to more happy hour fun on our patio this summer.

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The Rise of the New Foodie.

Gluten free. Sugar free. Lactose free. Paleo. No trans fats. No preservatives. Ten years ago, most people probably hadn’t even heard of some of these terms — but the last few years have brought on a whole new definition of the foodie. In a landscape of more choices than ever before, many of today’s food trends reflect consumers’ desire to strike a balance between four primary, sometimes conflicting considerations: health, sustainability, culture and convenience.

Consumers these days don’t just want a meal — they want a quick bite to eat, that’s healthy and locally sourced. They want it to be at a fun restaurant and they might even want to take a picture of it to post on Instagram. The way to your average 2015 consumers’ heart – and stomach – is by incorporating these emerging health trends and catering to the new affinity for wanting it all.

To read the full trend report on food, please email edongoske@fusionhill.com.

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The Infographic Era.

Think about the last time you browsed an article online or in a magazine. Did you read the complete text? Or were your eyes drawn to quick-read graphics? If you answered the latter, you’re not alone. The rise of the internet and social media have transformed the way people seek and digest information. And regardless of topic or medium, we’re increasingly attracted to – and expecting – infographics.

At Fusion Hill, we’ve been turning raw information into quick-hit visuals for years. From research deliverables to sales presentations, we know how to transform comprehensive, data-packed narratives into impactful graphics that translate in a matter of seconds.

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A New Target for Marketers.

They’re digitally oriented, diverse, independent, often overweight, and medicated. Teens, ages 13-18, and tweens, ages 8-12, are becoming more financially influential and technologically savvy, making them major targets for marketers.

Teens and tweens are unlike any other population group – unburdened by financial responsibilities like mortgage payments, student loans or bills. Teenage finances, whether they come from parents or a job, are mostly disposable and freely spent. Catering to this group, many companies have started to take advantage of increased internet access and are coming out with adolescent-targeted lines of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, toys and even foods. They’re using digital intelligence for messaging and to spread awareness.

“Today, the 11-year-old is an authority on this digital revolution, which is changing business, commerce, government, entertainment — every institution in society,” Don Tapscott, a leading digital and innovation writer, said in one of his books. Technology isn’t just around them — it consumes them. They use it at school, to get news, to shop, and even to make friends. With roughly 95% of teens actively online, this group is dominated by the digital landscape, and marketers better follow suit.

To view the whole trend report on teens & tweens, please email edongoske@fusionhill.com.

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Getting Covered.

The health care landscape in the US is ever-changing and health care coverage is now available for more people than ever before. With the Affordable Care Act recently increasing and expanding Medicaid eligibility limits, we set out to understand the experience for newly-eligible Medicaid recipients as they are first enrolling and within the first few months of being on their plan—with the goal of making this a more seamless process for all.

We have traveled to the East and West Coast and around the Midwest to speak with 36 consumers who have recently enrolled in Medicaid. While each state’s process is different and each consumer has faced unique challenges in their first 90 days with the program—from experiencing glitches in state marketplace websites, to not knowing where to go to understand the specifics of their coverage—these consumers are relieved to know they are covered should a health emergency arise.

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