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Fitness Fashion.

Our design team signed up for the challenge when our client announced they head acquired a triathlon. Instead of diving into the water, we dove into the creative development of the tri-suits that would be as ubiquitous as bike gears and goggles at the race. Sleek and snazzy, this race-ware is runway ready.

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Feathering the Nest.

Fusion Hill lent a creative hand in helping out our “expecting” colleague. With just a few design parameters set by the mother-to-be we created a collection of canvases that will decorate the nursery walls belonging to one lovely little girl. We’re hoping the omnipresent paintings will be an influence in her fine arts upbringing. (A future Fusion Hiller, perhaps?)

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Quality Time with Mom.

This month our research and design team was in the field with Mom. She spent time showing us how she keeps everyone organized, shuttles the kids around, and takes care of the home: cleaning, decorating, shopping, cooking, and more. And that was just the start of her to-do list. Our research recommendation: Call your mom and say “thanks”!

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This month we teamed up with a client who has products at Walmart to better understand the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) consumer.  Gathering insights around purchasing behavior and primary influencers, we are on track to file this project away under “success”.

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A Jolly Good Showing.

Some of our most recent creative work just made its way across the pond to London, England. Working off existing “Americanized” copy – but making sure to replace words like “vacation” and “apartment” with “holiday” and “flat” – we wrapped up the project feeling very British indeed. Now please excuse us for some takeaway of bangers and mash. Tally-Ho!

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Flower Power

At Fusion Hill, we find inspiration in our surroundings. So when Anchor Block asked us to name their new technology for landscaping products, we couldn’t think of a better place to ponder than the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Surrounded by lovely sights and smells, we gathered our thoughts, cultivated ideas and kicked off the project with a bloom.

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Fiscally Fit.

This month our creative team developed a new look and feel for the healthcare payment solutions division of leading financial company. Employing simple and iconic photography, the new look visually communicates the company’s streamlined processes as well as its fresh approach on healthcare payment solutions.

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Latin Love

Minneapolis in May is lovely indeed, but several of our Fusion Hillers just couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Central and South America this month. Whether relaxing on a remote island off the coast of Brazil or hiking to the peak of a volcano in Costa Rica, all returned safe and sound with new inspiration and amazing stories to share.

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Soda Pop Shopping.

What prompts a consumer to switch to the diet variety of his or her favorite soda? How can advertising be leveraged to gain new patrons AND retain current ones? We went looking for these and other insights in a recent project for a well-known beverage company. Our findings? They’re closer to home than you might imagine…

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