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It’s Good Being Greek.

You’d have to be shipwrecked on the Island of Crete for a few years not to have heard the buzz about Greek yogurt. Fusion Hill recently completed CPG research that explored the quickly changing landscape of the yogurt aisle. It turns out that Greek yogurt is one of the fastest growing products in the refrigerated aisle, gaining rapid popularity for its high protein content and halo of natural ingredients. Most major food manufacturers have responded to the Greek sensation by creating versions of their own Greek yogurt, putting to test the new, trendy and hard-to-pronounce brands against the tried-and-true traditional yogurt brands. Only time will tell how long the Greek phase will last, but for now, it is good to be Greek.

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Big on BRIC.

Recently back from Brazil and India, the Fusion Hill research team is adding insights to our knowledge file on the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China). More and more Fusion Hill clients are seeing the value in expanding their research studies to include these growing markets that represent an up-and-coming booming middle class. The BRIC countries represent a staggering number of people (over 40 percent of the world’s total population), which means millions more consumers who are eager and ready for new product experiences.

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What’s Cracking?

In a recent study on the benefits of chiropractic care for the treatment of back pain, Fusion Hill uncovered some of the common fears that patients have when considering “getting cracked.” Focus group participants who have not yet sought out care from a chiropractor shared that they are skeptical of the benefits of chiropractic, worried they will have to attend never-ending chiropractic appointments, and fearful of the truth about what that “cracking” sound means.

That cracking is more appropriately know as an adjustment in the chiropractic world, and there are actually multiple ways to conduct this treatment without an actual cracking noise. Focus group participants who were strong believers in chiropractic shared that, in addition to traditional hand adjustments, their chiropractors utilized activators (small, handheld devices that help pinpoint and stimulate certain muscles), cold and hot techniques, applied kinesiology and much more. Believers confirmed that the only thing to fear with chiropractic care is fear itself.

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Week-Long Road Warriors.

Two of our most adventurous bike enthusiasts are on the road this week. They are trekking across Iowa on the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world – The RAGBRAI. We’re tracking their progress on Twitter and Facebook. Watch for photos from the road.

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A More Creative Pour.

Our three Fusion Chill Summer Ales are ready for enjoyment. Brewed and bottled with love over the last two months, and labeled with their own winning designs, we are excited to serve each one at our summer patio party tonight.

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International Shoppers.

This month we’ve got teams in the U.S., India and Brazil. We’re conducting in-home interviews and shop-alongs to better understand how consumers use and would like to use their food packaging. And in our free time, we’re doing a little sight-seeing and shopping of our own. See more photos on Facebook.

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