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Taking Time for Fun.

Yesterday we embarked on our quarterly office outing. Our team hit the town in groups of 2 and 3 with a list of challenges and smartphones in hand for a city crawl combined with a photo contest. We ended the afternoon all together at Barrio for snacks, cocktails and laughs. And our winning photo shows off one of our core values: Fun!

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Love/Hate Relationships.

Fusion Hill’s Research Strategy team is in the thick of interviews about why a person chooses the kind of financial provider they do. We’re talking specifically to credit union stakeholders to get a picture of what an average person wants in a credit union, and how brand identity can reflect those wishes. What do you love or hate about your bank or credit union?

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Summertime Party, Fusion Hill Style.

Our summertime Beer Party last night was a sun-soaked, margarita-splashed, life size Jenga-crashing, taco-trucking, big time beer blast. Fusion Hill research and design staff joined up with fantastic clients and friends to celebrate another year of business, right in our own front yard. We can’t wait to do it again next year! (It will be our 10th anniversary, so we plan to make a very big deal of it.)

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A diagnosis of Diabetes—either Type 1 or Type 2, is an emotionally charged one—in particular for families of children receiving the diagnosis. Fusion Hill’s research team has recently wrapped up a project exploring the lives of families who are still dealing with the news.

We learned a great deal about what shapes the family experience of dealing with a child’s Diabetes diagnosis, as well as the particulars of adapting to life with this increasingly common disease. Do you know anyone with Diabetes? Have you found yourself curious about how their family manages it?

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Our Interns.

They’re smart. Talented. Often hilarious. Just how we like ‘em.

And while they work here, they get relevant experience researching, designing, traveling and being important parts of the Fusion Hill team. (Ok, they do a little grunt stuff too, but we all pitch in around here. It’s part of what makes it a great place to work.)

Want to join us? We’re always looking to hire and foster top talent in research strategy and design. If interested, email your resume and a cover letter to info@fusionhill.com.

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Faces of Fashion.

In June Fusion Hill’s team travelled to Seoul, South Korea to research age-fighting injectable toxins and fillers. It’s top in the globe for plastic surgery and of course has a thriving pop culture, so we had a thing or two to learn in addition to our research: First, Psy is completely gigantic. Still. Second, the “Gangnam Style” video girl’s look is everywhere on the street. But not in women’s fashion.

It’s on their faces.

Many young Seoul women are receiving facial injections, not for rejuvenation — but as a way to change their looks to resemble the girl from the famous vid. A Korean woman explained, “We call it Gangnam style. It’s a big trend.”

If changing your face were considered normal in our culture, would you do it? Tempted?

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Fusion Hill is Chilling Again.

For the third year in a row, the women of Fusion Hill have brewed their own beer for the annual summer party. This time, the event will be held at our offices, complete with a taco truck! To pair with the tasty treats, we will be serving, along with other refreshing beverages, two beers: a light and spritzy summer Kolsch ale and a delicious whiskey barrel-aged Belgian dubbel homebrewed with love. Check out our Facebook page for more details about and photos of the process. Cheers!

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A Wrinkle in Time.

Smoother, firmer, brighter skin – we all want it. So what’s in our arsenal to stop the effects of aging? Fusion Hill is on a global hunt to find out how different cultures combat those woe-some wrinkles and what measures they are willing to take to banish them. From São Paulo, Brazil to Seoul, South Korea, aging knows no boundaries. Do you know yours?

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