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Bring on the Hardware.

You could say award season has been a success. . . This summer, we have been recognized for our work on two direct mail campaigns by several prominent award competitions – the BMA B2, Summit, Communicator, Aster, Hermes Creative and SABRE Awards.

The competitions honor excellence in numerous categories, from marketing effectiveness to advertising to digital and we’re honored to be among some of the top brand names in the world. Bring on the hardware!

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Fusion Hill Facelift II.

Hello August, Fusion Hill here, we’re looking forward to you. With our renovation almost finished, we’re dreaming of spaciousness and are nothing short of ecstatic – except for one thing. . .

Starting August 1st, the research team is packing up and moving downstairs to the expansion while creative will continue to work on 2nd floor. Talk about separation anxiety. How will we know who is out in the field today? Who will answer that quick question about a deliverable? WHAT IS THE JOB NUMBER FOR THAT ONE PROJECT? Okay, we’re being dramatic. We’re just being separated by one flight of steps. We’ll probably email them.

We know it’s cheesy, but the cozy, can-yell-to-ask-a-question feel really defines how Fusion Hill has always operated and we’re going to miss it. On to the next 10 years – two teams, two floors, two kitchens, one patio. . we had to say it. But in all seriousness, the more the merrier. Bring on the new!

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Millennials and Money – The Perfect Storm?

They were born during the savings and loan crisis, became teenagers in the era of 9/11 and the War in Iraq, watched their family suffer in the 2008 market crash, and entered adulthood during the housing bubble and great recession. On track to be the first generation to face more economic hardship than their predecessors, Millennials see money as difficult to earn and easy to lose. Our most recent trend study focuses on this stand-out generation and how they view finances.

Financially, Millennials are conservative, skeptical and some would say just downright unlucky. The recession-scarred cohort thinks differently than past generations. More education means more loans. Credit cards mean high credit. The stock market is just straight danger.

The combination of a bad economy, expensive student loans, a competitive job market and stagnant income rates has created a sea of debt and a world of doubt for Millennials. Some might call it a perfect storm.

To view the complete Fusion Hill Millennials & Money trend report, email info@fusionhill.com

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Everything! Whether you’re naming a business or a band, a product or a service, a book or a baby, the name you choose makes a lasting impression.

There’s been a recent influx of naming projects here at Fusion Hill, but no matter how trend flux, our proven approach holds true. Recently, we asked a financial services client what brand they personally loved. At first they didn’t see the connection. Why did the fact that they loved Sharpie, Ecco and Volvo matter? Our process helped to reveal how they desired their own brand to be perceived and what their core message was. From there, our creative team was free to ideate.

Naming takes planning, refinement, implementation and most importantly … living it out. When Google first came out it sounded crazy and it didn’t give us much of a clue about what they did – but now it’s one of the most well known brands and one of the most used words (if not verbs). A well-chosen name can mean the difference between MacMan and iMac, ShoeSite and Zappos, Pequod and Starbucks. It can mean the difference between failure and success. So what will you name next?

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Healthcare from a Millennial Perspective.

Nowadays we swap textbooks for tablets, resumes for Linkedin profiles, a library trip for Google search. The 21st century has birthed a new breed – The Digital Generation, Gen Y, Young Invincibles, Trophy Kids, Generation Me, or as most call them – Millennials. We’ve recently completed a secondary trend study on Millennials as many of our clients are seeking to know more about this group.

Coining phrases like “Google it” or “Facebook me,” Millennials have never known life without computers and are projected to be the first generation to take the digital world for granted. They have a different perception of time, convenience and access, especially when it comes to health care. Rather than heading to the clinic, Millennials hop online to sites such as WebMD and Yelp. They are more likely to use the internet as their first go-to for education instead of a doctor, and are accustomed to quickly verifying facts and finding answers to their questions by themselves. 72% of Millennials have looked online for health information and 47% have used the internet to diagnose a condition. Sites like WebMD and Yelp provide forums for people to connect with others that have had the same condition or experience. They do more online research into treatments and providers than previous generations, and expect information and services to be accessible instantaneously from any and all devices.

In a world where you can earn a college degree online, deposit a paycheck with your smart phone or video chat a friend in Europe on the way to work – being “plugged-in” is not encouraged, it’s expected and the health care community is beginning to realize the way to reach Millennials might not be the Sunday newspaper but instead through online forums, email marketing and social media.

Request a copy of the complete Millennials & Healthcare trend report by emailing info@fusionhill.com

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