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The Perfect Fit.

We spend about 30% of our life at work. Our philosophy — it shouldn’t feel like work. And that’s because we’re doing what we love. So what makes it great?

  • Projects that bring us across the globe – from Rio to Russia, this job has allowed us to explore the world
  • Interesting and important work – no initiative is ever the same, and that’s what makes it enjoyable
  • Great people – clients and colleagues that are partners and friends
  • Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood – the up-and-coming area offers entertainment year ’round so we always have something new to try and fun to do
  • Rooftop patio – need we say more?

Take a look at what makes Fusion Hill, Fusion Hill. And stop by often to see where we’re traveling, read new trend reports and find out about upcoming events.

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Insight-Driven Engagement.

Yesterday’s marketing was about the emotional connection between a brand and an individual. How does your Lexus make you feel? What are you thinking when using your Blackberry? Back then the way a brand made a consumer feel was the deciding factor if someone bought that product or service, and likewise, the deciding factor for brands in attracting and retaining customers.

Fast forward to 2015. No longer is it just about that emotional connection, it’s about the relationship. In our digital-dependent, plugged-in world, brands need to shift from mass marketing to targeted, conversational communications in order to connect with consumers on a more personal level — what’s known as engagement marketing.

Marketers need to tap into their audience’s hopes, dreams and dilemmas, and apply these insights into creative marketing communications that fulfill a need, be they emotional or rational. Engagement isn’t about a campaign or a moment in time — it’s continuous. It anticipates a need and reaches them where they are. If you’re currently having a one-sided conversation with your consumers, chances are you’ve lost them, or never had them to begin with.

So how do you get to know your audience and keep them engaged?

Last fall, we conducted consumer research on health savings accounts to help our client identify what stage people are at in their health savings journey and what gaps and opportunities exist to keep them moving forward. Our insights then drove the 2015 engagement plan — both refining current tactics and adding new ones. Using tailored messaging by stage across all touchpoints, our creative team developed direct mail and email, and helpful tools such as videos, infographics and self-guided tours. So was the investment worth it? The first campaign of the year delivered an annualized lift of over $10 million — a 309% ROI and a 9% stage progression rate — the most successful shift to date. This campaign, the first of its kind to apply primary research insights to the marketing of health savings accounts by a person’s stage, proved just how essential knowing your consumers is to increasing engagement — and revenue.

The days of mass marketing campaigns have passed. The new way to market is through an integrated, continuous, multi-channel approach that puts consumers in the driver’s seat. It’s a relationship that allows brands to become part of consumers’ daily lives, providing opportunities for them to reflect and participate. Welcome to the era of engagement.

To learn more about our engagement capabilities backed by consumer insight, contact us.

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Capturing the Inner Sales & Marketer.

In the hospitality business, it’s all about bookings. Properties are constantly enhancing their advertising to capture potential travelers’ attention. And in market, they are looking for ways to keep front line employees inspired and driving sales.

Our client, an international brand with over 1,300 hotels around the world, had a proprietary sales and marketing tool that needed reinvestment in order to deliver value. Research with franchisees told us that whether new to the role or a seasoned salesperson, users sought a tool that would let them learn at their own pace in a fun and intuitive manner. Starting with over 100 pages of content, our team re-engineered the overall site framework and designed a new interface that featured an engaging game-like pathway – from sales training 101 to closing the deal.

Launching in June, the site has had more hits than ever before, proving that the “learning-is-fun” cliché holds true – at least for this motivated group.

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Making a Healthy Difference in Minnesota.

Did you know Blue Cross insures one in three Minnesotans? That’s almost 2 million people in our community ranging from youths to adults to seniors.

Championing the phrase “A Healthy Difference,” Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota adheres to the vision and belief that together we can make a difference in the state. To spread this idea with the community, they release a report each spring that highlights initiatives taken on in the past 12 months that benefit communities around the state. They spearhead campaigns like healthy eating, education and exercise – Blue Cross MN doesn’t lecture about health initiatives but instead encourages and empowers our community to join the cause in making a difference.

Good health isn’t just for members – it’s for everyone. Visit www.bluecrossmn.com/communityreport.

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Generation Unknown.

When Millennials reached the adult age, marketers were curious, confused and even frustrated because they couldn’t pinpoint their characteristics and behavioral trends. A few decades later, those same people consider themselves experts on the subject, and with the most recent cohort reaching college age, they want to anticipate the next consumer – Generation Z.

Every June, Hormel Foods, along with FoodService Directors, hosts the “In Front of the Future” Summit for university executive chefs. This year we were invited to speak on Generation Z in order to help universities prepare for this new generation of students and keep them engaged and interested in dining on campus.

With the oldest members of this group barely 18, marketers have only scratched the surface of their behaviors and attitudes. We may not know everything about the food preferences of Generation Z, but when in doubt, go green, make options customizable and use as many hashtags as possible.

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Hello to Summer.

Summer is here and we are kicking it off right with a party on the Fusion Hill rooftop. This year is going to be a little different then in years past – were not having our annual summer bash, but instead a patio series. That’s right – happy hour on the patio. Every month. (Or at least until the weather drives us back inside.)

We’re excited for the season and can’t wait to kick back, enjoy a cold beverage, some local eats and spend time with our favorite people. We Minnesotans only get four months, so let’s make the most of it! Look for updates in our newsletter – subscribe below.

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