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Medical Tweetments.

Guess what? Our client in the health care industry just went viral. Now present on all the major social media networks, you can friend, follow or visit their brand new online care website to see a doctor. Welcome to future of modern medicine!

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Snow Daze.

Come one come all – but don’t forget your skis and sleds; we’re knee-deep in a true Minnesotan winter this year. Where the piles of snow are monolithic and the days above zero feel like a heat wave. You may say we’re crazy for living here, but we’d say its more fun being little crazy.

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Turkish Delight.

Continuing our international market segmentation study in the health and beauty category, our sixth country in the line up was … (drum roll please) …Turkey! In between interviews, we feasted our eyes on the ancient architecture and indulged our senses with aromatic spices. And of course had several samplings of authentic Turkish Delight. Turns out its not just a clever name…

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International Investigators.

Recently, while conducting research abroad two of our team members struck up a conversation with a gentleman who was intrigued to find Americans “off the beaten path”. The line of questioning, centering on “why are you here” and “what do you do” and mainly consisting of hand gesturing and broken linguistics finally culminated in an ah-ha moment for our new friend. “You are investigators,” he claimed! And yes, we’ve concluded that he’s precisely right. “International investigators, sir.”

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Back to School.

Two of our designers were on campus this last week at MCAD and UW–Stout. They used their highly-trained design eyes to critique student advertising and photo journalism projects. Only a few tears were shed in the process. Okay, not really. Fun and learning was had by all!

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Our Psycho Neighbor.

This month we got a new neighbor, and a crazy one at that. We’ve already been over twice to welcome Psycho Suzi to her new home. And we’re happy to report that beyond a few fancy décor updates, the restaurant hasn’t changed at all. Same artery-clogging menu, sassy waitresses and kooky cocktails. We are wistfully awaiting summer though when we can walk over and enjoy happy hour on the riverside patio. Be sure to join us!

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