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Taking Research to Heart.

It’s National “Wear Red Day” today, and with that in mind, we’d like to share some important research we recently conducted with women across the country on the topic of heart disease. Even though heart disease is the leading cause of death of American women – and more women than men die of cardiovascular disease each year – there is a huge discrepancy between the number of men and women that participate in clinical trials related to heart disease. Our research focused on clinical trials and finding out what motivates or discourages women from participating in medical studies. Through our conversations, we learned about women’s attitudes toward clinical trials, the hopes and fears that come with participating, and the factors that play into their choice to enroll. We found that many women want to enroll in trials to help improve the futures of other women who have been diagnosed with heart disease. What do you think about clinical trials? Would you ever participate in one? And … are you wearing red today?

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Funding Life.

Starting out the New Year, we have been focusing on financial products here at Fusion Hill. Through one-on-one interviews in the Windy City and phone conversations across the country, we are learning about consumers’ experience with home equity loans and lines of credit. By using these products, our participants are getting the help they need to fund life expenses: everything from kitchen remodels, to consolidating debt, to family vacations. We are finding out more about the often confusing and frustrating process these consumers go through, from choosing a lender and a product to gaining approval. What can a banking institution do to better help its customers feel financially secure but also give them the cash flow they want and need?

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The Daily Ritual.

We enjoyed a break from the cold winter with a week-long trip to Brazil to research body care products, usage and thoughts. As the country with the largest body care product use, we explored how women both in the south (Sao Paulo) and north (Recife) use body lotions and creams to moisturize dry skin, what kind do they prefer, and why. We spoke to consumers about their daily body care habits and behaviors, exploring the rich Brazilian body care market and doing a deep dive into what “moisturized skin” means versus “dry skin” and what it feels like to have both. Whether participants use one product or five products we discovered the ritual to remedy dry skin means and how often it is repeated on a daily basis and more importantly, what this means for her life and self. What is your daily body care ritual?

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A Future of Unknowns.

We’ve recently been in Seattle, Tampa and Minneapolis researching retirement planning and finances with people who are just about to retire and those who already have. We spoke to consumers about their life-long financial journeys, what kind of income streams they have or plan on having in retirement, and more importantly, how the financial products they use or may want to use can be enhanced so that they can continue to benefit from and enjoy the money they have worked hard to earn their entire lives. Whether they have dreams of cruises or road trips in a camper, consumers have told us that retirement finances and planning is important, especially in a future of unknowns. How do you think about your money and spending habits in retirement? What do you want your retirement savings to do for you?

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