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Hispanics in America.

A group of 54 million people, the Hispanic population in the United States is roughly 17% – and growing. Hispanics have been in the States since the 16th century, but it hasn’t been until the last few decades that millions have immigrated – bringing a whole new meaning to the term melting pot.

Hispanics in the U.S. are not walking a straight line toward “American-ness” but instead are creating a new bicultural identity – one that incorporates both their Latino background and American culture. Expected to reach 117 million people by 2060, Hispanics are becoming one of the largest and most influential population groups in the United States – impacting all sectors of business.

Learn more by requesting our trend report on “Hispanics in America.” Also, newly released reports include “The Elderly in America” and “American Tweens/Teens.”

Email: edongoske@fusionhill.com.

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The thermometer is plunging and while summer now seems a distant memory, we still can’t help but wonder, where did the year go? And as the holiday season begins, we are grateful for this time of year when we can pause and think about how much there is to be thankful for.

Since January …

  • Several prominent clients, including some of our own favorite brands, selected us as their partner.
  • We helped position and launch two groundbreaking technologies with a leading medical device company.
  • We traveled more than 60,000 miles.
  • We spent almost two months on the East Coast researching the airport experience travelers have.
  • We added six new employees and doubled our office space.
  • We received several awards for our marketing campaigns with a major health care company.

And of course, we had many wonderful moments celebrating our 10-year anniversary. 2014 has been truly remarkable. A big thanks to our clients, friends and families for making this year the best one yet!

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A Health & Wellness Roadmap to the Future?

If you could know whether you were going to get cancer, would you want to know? What if you have a high probability of having depression but don’t respond well to most depression medication? How about if you have a deadly bee allergy?

The analysis of one’s chromosomes, DNA sequencing or as it is widely known, Genetic Testing can provide answers to these questions, and many more. We recently spoke with physicians and consumers about genetic testing and learned about their feelings towards the subject. The responses varied – from a pregnant woman that won’t have the test because regardless, her and her husband will keep the child – to a young man who was adopted and wanted to know more about his genetic history. There are many reasons why people want or don’t want to have a DNA test, one being the financial burden.

Genetic tests have always been cost-prohibitive for many, and that is largely one of the reasons people don’t get the test. However, costs are expected to decrease dramatically over the next few years, opening up the possibility for extensive genome sequencing for more people.

Whether you want to be tested as standard protocol, for preventative measures or just plain curiosity, technological advancements are making genetic testing less of a dream and more of a reality. So, if you could get the test, would you want to know?

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Stand Up & Stretch.

Have you ever grabbed a candy bar from the vending machine for lunch? Taken the elevator up only one floor? Spent the entire day at work sitting at your desk? We’re all guilty of these behaviors from time to time. One of our clients noticed the trend and the cost it has on their health care. They asked up to help with a physical fitness and health campaign to motivate employees to make better health choices with through some simple steps.

One of the tactics we created provides employees with a variety of stretches, exercise tips and encouragement. 10 minutes of exercise a few times each day adds up quickly. So next time you have a couple minutes in between meetings, get up, stretch, and move around a bit. You’ll see the benefits in your stress level and your waistline.

So … have you been stretching while reading this? Try it out!

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Dealing with Diabetes.

We just finished up a project with a major health services company where we explored the lives of those with diabetes – the emotions that circle diagnosis, the constant challenges in managing the disease, and the role that insurance plays.

Most people know that there are two types of diabetes – Type 1, often linked to genetics, and Type 2, typically associated with being overweight – but the reality is there are a variety of paths that people diagnosed can take to manage their condition. Medication, proper nutrition and exercise can all be helpful, but the first step is often getting past the initial shock of being diagnosed.

As diabetes is the eighth leading cause of death, health companies like our client are trying to find out what resources and tools would be beneficial to help diabetics through the process. Whether it is a smartphone app, an in-person support group, or weekly newsletter – engagement tactics are on the rise and will hopefully help make managing diabetes a little bit easier.

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Fusion Hill Facelift Finale.

Well, there were a few late nights, some really loud days and far too many last minute shopping trips but we’re happy to say that Fusion Hill is renovated and looking better than ever.

Some of you were able to see the new space last month at our party (how about those fire breathers, ya?) and some have visited since for meetings and such. We’re just so happy with the result and love to show it off so if you’re ever in Northeast, stop by and say hello. You might be summoned to a tour of the place or an obligatory happy hour on the patio but hey, life could be worse right?

Check out photos of the construction and our 10 Year Party at our Facebook page here.

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Pick Your Mood.

It takes a certain ability to be able to create connection between a product and the brand itself. What makes someone pick Ford over GM? Coke over Pepsi? Samsung over Apple?

We recently worked with one of the most influential medical device companies to launch its second-generation device, giving us the opportunity to re-evaluate the brand. Our first step was to craft and agree upon the brand messaging. From there, we created various “mood boards” to depict visual approaches for the brand —in other words, the style we should pursue. Taking this step allows us to quickly explore a variety of directions. Our objective was to develop creative that would resonate with not one market, but all markets globally. Once the boards were created and the client team made their strategic selection, we used them to inspire the image system concepts for flagship materials.

So what mood did they go with? Look for the reveal in 2015.

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Let’s Celebrate.

If you know much about Fusion Hill, you’ve probably heard that we have an annual summer bash. Good food, great friends, and fun times. This year however, is going to be a little bit different… Not only is it a celebration for our anniversary, but also an unveiling of our new office, website and rebrand.

So stop by for some award-winning eats from Chowgirls, craft beer by Fair State Coop and a few other surprises that we’ll keep under wraps until the event. You’ve maybe heard, “celebrate what you want to see more of,” and that we will. Cheers to you, us, and 10 more years in biz.

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