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Our Hearts Are Brimming.

2018 has been a fantastic year, and we’re filled with gratefulness for our families, friends, colleagues and extraordinary clients. Before we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, we’re taking a moment to reflect on all the bountiful work and bountiful joy we’ve experienced.

  • Our team is 40 people strong and still growing!
  • For the third year in a row, we were named one of Minnesota Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.
  • One of our founding principals, Kasey Hatzung, was named Woman Business Owner of the Year by NAWBO-MN.
  • We built out a deck space next to our studio, which faces the Mississippi River.
  • Our work has taken us to Miami, Virginia Beach, New York City, Boston and Anchorage – just to name a few.

At the heart of all of this has been our close partnership with you. And for that, we thank you.

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Triple the Love  

Fusion Hill’s unique blend of research, strategy, and creative has always encouraged employees to thrive in a collaborative, innovative, and fun atmosphere. Now we’re excited to announce that Minnesota Business magazine has once again taken note, for the third year in a row, naming us one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. The award recognizes companies whose work environment, benefits, and overall employee happiness stand out among other workplaces in Minnesota.

Of course, we couldn’t do it without all the employees, clients, and friends who help us keep up the good vibes—from attending our rooftop happy hours to sharing our love for strategic and creative thinking. So thank you all for your part in making Fusion Hill what it is.

We look forward to celebrating this accomplishment in June alongside the other honorees. To see the complete list of winners, visit Minnesota Business magazine.

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QUAL360 Findings: Evolve and Transform

In a world where online polls and surveys are ubiquitous – from news sources, travel companies, clothing brands and far more – “data” can seem like a fast (and sometimes even free) solution. Yet the quantitative research field isn’t the only one that’s evolving. Those of us in qualitative research are continually looking for new ways to uncover and share the important nuggets that matter to clients. That search led us to Qual360 in Washington, D.C., where we joined other leaders in the field to share ideas about the latest trends and innovations in the world of qualitative research. Here are some of our biggest takeaways:

The qual vs. quant battle has finally come to an end

For many years, qualitative researchers have expressed concern about their role in a world where big data has been on the rise. This year, however, the mood was one of relief and motivation. More and more businesses appear to understand the complementary value of both quantitative and qualitative research. While quantitative research can provide scale, qualitative provides the deep insights and rich context vital to truly understanding those findings and confidently making strategic business decisions.

Companies are moving faster than ever, and so are their research needs

As companies have increased pressure to accomplish goals on a tighter timeline, qualitative researchers are feeling pressure to increase the momentum of the research process. In response, they’re finding new ways to deliver insights quickly without losing analytical quality. Daily field updates and topline reports that summarize major findings are just two ways we deliver insights more efficiently. Of course, we still provide a final report that includes the rich detail and contextual information necessary for true understanding.

 Man vs. machine: The role of the researcher is evolving as tech takes over

Observing how technology is taking over more and more labor from humans, qualitative researchers wonder how their roles might evolve over time – or if they will even have a role at all in the future. At Qual360, many felt that the human researcher will always be needed in some capacity. When asked to describe qualitative research, researchers said it is “messy,” is “fuzzy,” “requires incredible amounts of empathy,” “is more art than science” and “is all about storytelling.” Various speakers argued that the qualitative researcher’s role in this messy realm is that of a “cultural navigator and contextual interpreter,” or the person who seeks to answer the question “why?” They argued that while machines may be able to help with part of the research process, the work of empathy would always require human involvement.

Let’s keep the conversation going

Connect with Fusion Hill to learn more about our approach to qualitative research and how we’re continually evolving it – from finding new activities for co-creation sessions to designing impactful, interactive new deliverables.

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After a memorable experience last year at Open Arms of Minnesota, we chose to again spend Martin Luther King Jr. Day helping bring nutritious meals to people struggling with life-threatening illnesses.

Along with delivering, this year we also assembled a kitchen crew, which allowed us to experience both sides of this 31-year-old organization. In just one day, we packaged 467 meals and delivered 372 meals.

We’re grateful for the experience and for a work culture that encourages community involvement – collectively and as individuals. To find out more about this great organization, visit Open Arms of Minnesota. And to check out some of the photos from the day, go to our Facebook page.

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As we prepare for a long, restful weekend with family and friends, we’re reflecting on what has made 2017 such a terrific year. Topping the list has to be the opportunity to continue partnering on important work with amazing brands and wonderful clients.

And all that great work has resulted in great growth for Fusion Hill:

  • We’re now 40 people strong and still hiring!
  • One of our newest members is our director of strategy, who, along with her growing team, is expanding the strategic offerings that fit between our creative and research disciplines.
  • We built out new studio space that overlooks the Mississippi, which you may have visited during our recent Fall Brewhaha. If not, stop on by and check out our shipping-container-turned-conference-room!
  • We found inspiration at conferences – SXSW, Transform, the Digital Summit, AIGA Eye on Design and Qual360.
  • We were named one of Minnesota Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For again this year!

As we enjoy the delights of our Thanksgiving meals, we’re confident our hearts will be every bit as full as our stomachs. And for that, we thank you – our closest partners and friends.

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