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The Doctor is In.

With a little help from the Fusion Hill creative team, WestHealth rolled out their new physician brochures this month. After a successful launch of the brand last year, these materials continue to compliment their comfortable atmosphere amidst a newly redesigned state-of-the-art facility. Here’s to feeling AND looking good.

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Masters of Our Domain.

Armed with the insight of 75 interviews and an extensive collateral audit, we recently crafted the brand strategy for one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The client’s response to our recommendations was overwhelmingly positive and referred to as “pure genius!” We’ll be submitting our membership forms to MENSA shortly…

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Tory Burch or Bust.

Tempted with the opportunity to shop at their favorite designer’s boutique, the Fusion Hill principals risked a quick spree before a big pitch to a Manhattan-based company. Despite rain, traffic and a 60% off sale (gulp!), they made it to the meeting with minutes to spare and won the business to boot.

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Fusion Hill Fun Day.

What could possibly top last year’s downtown scavenger hunt and lawn bowling excursion? One word: Valleyfair. With our bellies full of a mix of funnel cakes and cotton candy, we became Renegades, Highrollers and Wild Things. It certainly was a fair to remember.

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Good Resistance.

What’s stretchy, portable and does a body good? It’s no joke – it’s a resistance exercise band. We know all about them thanks to the new marketing materials we designed for the healthcare industry. Using in-house models as reference, we added custom illustrations to better inform the benefits of resistance band training.

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Now more then ever.

This month we’re delving into the real meaning of  “today’s economy” and how it affects the average consumer’s saving and investing practices. But with fiscal uncertainty running amok, how does a financial institution adapt? We’re conducting a nationwide in-home and online ethnographic study and intend to find out.

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Networking: Fusion Hill Style.

We celebrated our Annual Women’s Networking Event this month with fabulous success. Our guests mingled over on canapés and cupcakes and indulged in manicures and massages. Not what you might expect from an ordinary networking event, but certainly what you should expect from Fusion Hill.

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Ethnographic Diversification.

This month we invested time with our client’s financial advisors. From rural to urban locales, we traveled the distance to interview them where business happens. We discovered that despite geographic differences, advisors’ insights have a common stock our client can leverage to gain market share.

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A 100-year milestone.

This year Anchor Block celebrates a century of innovation in masonry and landscaping materials. To spread the word and help commemorate the occasion, Fusion Hill created a centennial mark, launch plan and promotional materials. Here’s to another 100 years of success!

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How does chronic pain figure into quality of life? Is there a better way to help people affected by it? These are questions we set out to answer during our latest research endeavor. The insights we uncovered will help develop a new technology system aimed at solving the problem of pain.

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We’re on a boat!

This month our principals set out to sea with hundreds of marketing executives from Fortune 500 companies. New partnerships were formed and big ideas cultivated during their three-day voyage with a who’s who list of businesses. Oh the possibilities!

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April Showers Bring May Flowers.

While we’re still waiting for summer in Minnesota, Vera Bradley brought the bloom early with a colorful array of new patterns and purse styles. To give them a proper introduction, Fusion Hill created new print materials for retailers of Vera Bradley to get familiar with this season’s latest.

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