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There isn’t much left to say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said. From the pandemic to politics, it felt as though the only constant was change. It was a year that disrupted the way in which we interact with each other and the world around us, leaving a strong impact on our individual and collective psyches.

Download the report here which explores a few of the trends and behavior shifts that are likely here to stay for 2021 and beyond.

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As we pass six months of living in the pandemic, we want to take a deeper look at the human element and effects of COVID-19. How are people feeling? How have day-to-day logistics changed? How has the emotional and psychological weight of the pandemic played out? And, critically, what can we do about these newfound realities to support our family, friends and customers?

Our latest report helps answer these questions. And we’ve also designed a series of worksheets to help you and your team start a dialogue and identify tangible strategies to better support your customers as we move past the six-month mark.

Give it a read, talk to your working teams and share your learnings with us – let’s continue to carve out a path forward together in these changing and challenging times. Download the report here.

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As marketers, we all know that B2B marketing has historically been drier in tone and more data-driven because that’s what we’ve believed our customers care about. But why do we believe that?

B2B customers will always need data and facts to back up their decisions and help them get stakeholder buy-in. However, based on consumer psychology and Fusion Hill’s own experience with buyers, we know that no matter the context and no matter the person, human decisions are highly impacted by emotion. An opportunity for more successful B2B marketing exists in balancing the facts with the power of emotional storytelling. This combination makes for a more compelling case by better communicating the value your product or service brings customers, and ultimately motivates a purchase.

How can your brand leverage the power of emotion in your next B2B campaign? Download our report here. ­­

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Tracking the impact of COVID-19.

Over the past several weeks, COVID-19 has created extreme uncertainty consumers and businesses. In response, our team is compiling weekly trend updates that examine the current state and explore lasting changes the virus may bring.

So far, we’ve covered topics including how behaviors are shifting in categories such as health care and financial services and how brands can adapt their marketing efforts – and more trend updates are on the way. Interested? Download our reports here.

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The HENRY Consumer: High Earners, Not Rich Yet.

HENRY – high earners, not rich yet – describes consumers who are high earners but whose income is largely dedicated to covering their high costs of living. First coined to describe a segment of millennials, members of Gen X and Boomer generations are now categorized as HENRYs if their spending behavior is driven by aspirational lifestyles they hope to fully afford in the future.

The high costs of HENRY lifestyles are often a combination of elite education, residency in high-cost-of-living areas and aspirational purchasing behaviors. Even receiving incomes within the top 20%, this segment currently has few assets saved and invested. Described as the “working rich,” HENRYs emerged as a target for financial services and wealth management – classified as a prime opportunity for brands to become a part of these consumers’ upcoming luxury lifestyle. Sharing the broader millennial generation’s distrust of traditional financial institutions, HENRYs are interested in digital offerings that provide personalized and accessible data, real-time education, and automated advising strategies.

Interested in learning more about the unique behaviors of HENRY consumers? Download the report here.

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