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Dealing with Diabetes.

We just finished up a project with a major health services company where we explored the lives of those with diabetes – the emotions that circle diagnosis, the constant challenges in managing the disease, and the role that insurance plays.

Most people know that there are two types of diabetes – Type 1, often linked to genetics, and Type 2, typically associated with being overweight – but the reality is there are a variety of paths that people diagnosed can take to manage their condition. Medication, proper nutrition and exercise can all be helpful, but the first step is often getting past the initial shock of being diagnosed.

As diabetes is the eighth leading cause of death, health companies like our client are trying to find out what resources and tools would be beneficial to help diabetics through the process. Whether it is a smartphone app, an in-person support group, or weekly newsletter – engagement tactics are on the rise and will hopefully help make managing diabetes a little bit easier.

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