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Digital Summit Findings: Find your true audience and take calculated risks.

When communicating with clients, are you focused more on the how, the what or the who? At Fusion Hill, we spend a lot of time thinking about communication with our clients and in turn, how our clients communicate with their respective clients. And we’re not alone! At the 2017 Digital Summit in Minneapolis, the presentations focused primarily on how we communicate, who we communicate with and what we share. The Digital Summit was jam-packed with mini-sessions on topics from experiential marketing to mobile content creation. Here are the team’s four largest takeaways:

Use technology as a springboard – not a crutch

Be just as strategic about delivery and distribution as you are about the actual content you choose to send. Consider which medium would allow for the best experience and leverage that context. You’ll be able to deliver mind-blowing content at just the right moment, on the platform that makes the most sense for converting consumers. “Understand how, when and what customers want. Don’t just do it for technology’s sake.” – Scott Emmons, Neiman Marcus

Personalize and excite, digitally

If you constantly are marketing to the masses, how can you truly connect with anyone? Don’t be another promoter of average products for average people. Keep it pure, and push to find the smallest group of individuals that makes sense. It’s not about pleasing everyone, but about actually connecting with your audience. Once you’ve determined who exactly you’re talking to, don’t be safe — push boundaries. Extend your brand in ways that will excite and intrigue your specific audience.

“Vanilla is good, but to stand out – you need funfetti.” – Lorraine Goldberg,

Be the best ‘you’

Taking calculated risks is one thing — but don’t try every gimmick out there. Instead of chasing marketing trends, focus on what you are truly selling — not just the product or service, but your signature experience. Home in and expand on the tiny details that will wow and delight the consumer. By building your brand from those smallest interactions and experiences, you’ll be able to find an emotional connection with your audience. You can’t outsource the reason you are doing what you’re doing. Technology will change, but your audience doesn’t. A great example from Seth Godin: “Harley-Davidson is not in the Segway business.”

Be empathetic (duh)

It’s customer service 101, but always try to see the problem from your customers’ point of view. Connect with your audience on an emotional level, talk to your customers directly and don’t make it hard for them to find you. That effort will not go unnoticed. Consumers are far more likely to be loyal when they feel an authentic connection to your company.

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