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Earth Day Turns 38.

With the arrival of another Earth Day, our team paused to ask, “What are we doing to care for the environment?” Top of mind for many of us was biking to work or taking the bus. (And yes, some of us are even tough enough to bike in the winter!) We also thought about how our space uses abundant natural light and how we grow plants on our rooftop patio.

Of course, our eco-conscious mindset extends far beyond the office. And that’s the case for many of today’s consumers. Sixty-six percent of global respondents say they’re willing to pay more for products from sustainable companies. And they’re influenced by a variety of sustainability factors:1

  • A product being made from fresh, natural and/or organic ingredients – 69 percent
  • A company being environmentally friendly – 58 percent
  • A company being known for its commitment to social value – 56 percent

So how can companies – even those that aren’t actually creating products – make sustainability part of their everyday decisions? We explore one answer, how to make print projects green, in our Sustainability Insight. Download it for a handy checklist that provides tips from limiting ink coverage to avoiding the need for adhesives.

  1. Nielsen. Tracking Tactics: Sustainability Practices That Lead to Sales.

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