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Food & tech – Big shifts happen when giants meet.

Technology brings constant change to our lives, adding convenience to how we heat our homes, shop for household items, and watch TV and movies. Now pioneering companies are courting an even greater part of our daily lives: food.

Food and technology are massive industries and, in coming together, form FoodTech: a new, expanding global market that’s expected to reach $250 billion by 2022. From creating new means of food delivery and consumption to bringing chefs right into consumers’ homes, the world of food is being made increasingly accessible.

While this union brings continual change to our tech-laden, food-loving lives, the financial opportunity brought forth by the growing health, nutrition and foodie culture may be here to stay. Yet it’s not just the need for convenience driving these innovations. Many FoodTech companies position themselves as trying to solve the inefficiency of current food systems, bringing food politics and sustainability trends into this hybrid industry as they invent meat-free alternatives, enable farm-to-home sales or look for ways to offer convenient meal kits without using disposable packaging.

Check out our report on FoodTech to learn more about this fascinating growing market and the consumer trends influencing it. Visit our Insight Library to download the full report.

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