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Our research team just completed a large project that involved flying around the U.S. to create a profile of how avid travelers and restaurant-goers view their relationship with dining out, vacation, and food. We dined with participants at their favorite restaurants and toured their neighborhoods to better understand the food and places they love. In the process, we learned about their appreciation for ‘authentic’ foods, the value they place on spending quality time with friends and family, and their excitement for trying anything new. For them, it’s all about the experience—and they would love to have more tools to help them find, organize, and enjoy their time dining and traveling. What sources or tools do you seek to maximize your time and experience with the things you love?

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Strong Brand. Stronger Families.

In 2011 we met the wonderful staff and and board of directors of Genesis II for Families. They were in the process of refining their vision and values and were seeking a partner to help them evolve and strengthen their brand.

Since 1976, this visionary group has given Twin Cities families a path for a “second genesis”, or new beginning. A comprehensive array of strengthening programs helps their clients overcome the many challenges faced in being a whole, healthy family.

We viewed this pro bono partnership as an opportunity to give Genesis II their own fresh start. A new name, tagline, identity and branded touchpoints was just what they needed to grow. Vibrant colors, uplifting imagery and engaging headlines capture the essence of the organization. And growing and blossoming they are.

We’re honored to be receiving the “Community Partner of the Year” award at the FamilyWise Spring Benefit on May 2, 2013. For us, the donation of our team’s time and talent was a chance to give back and make a positive impact on the community we live in and benefit from. We hope you will check out our case study section to view the work, and then visit FamilyWiseServices.org to learn more about this award-winning non-profit.

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Happy Hour!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Happy Hour at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis. It was a great crowd on a beautiful night. Now, save the date for our big summer event: July 25th for beer and tacos!

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Scent of a Man.

Our research team was lucky enough to return to sunny Brazil for a week of research on men’s fragrance products. We spoke with men in both the North and South about how and why they use fragrance, where they prefer to purchase products, and the way their fragrance makes them feel. All men expressed that these products hold a key position in their daily routine and are a vital part of their identity. These findings pair well with our global research on women’s fragrance in 2010, and allow us to gain further insight into the emotional power of fragrance and the category. Exploring different fragrances is an important part of growing up in Brazil, and finding one’s signature scent is part of discovering oneself. What does your fragrance say about you?

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What’s for Dinner?

You might have seen our recent tweets that we’ve been co-creating with consumers and concepting around weeknight dinner meals. For the past few months we have been researching what consumers like to make for dinner, what kind of issues they have, and most importantly, how these issues can be solved. While dinner is the most important meal of the day because it is shared with others in a sacred dinnertime check-in ritual, it has its fair share of preparation problems. That’s where we come in – here we come to save dinner! What are your dinnertime woes?

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We’re Bona Fide.

Happily, we were just re-certified as a Small Business Enterprise and a Women Business Enterprise. Isn’t it great to great credit for something you were born as? We think so!

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