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Smart Funding.

As health savings account (HSA) holders shift from opening an account for daily use to leveraging it as a retirement savings tool, they go through a complex journey. A top health services company defined this path with its proprietary model detailing each stage.

This company, our client, communicates with account holders several times throughout the year to remind consumers of the benefits of an HSA and to encourage them to contribute and save for the future.

Using targeted messaging from past research, the 2014 summer funding campaign made a splash – with a greater than 31% open rate and a 2.3% click rate, higher than any previous campaign, the annualized lift was over 5 million, a 150% return on investment. The results were so significant that the campaign received a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for email communication.

We didn’t stop there. After the summer campaign, we conducted additional research to understand the consumers’ relationship with HSAs. Insights gained during the focus groups helped direct the year-end campaign – stay tuned to see if the research paid off.

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