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We Heart Metrics.

Anyone can throw out a bunch of statistics about bounce rate, unsubscribes and page hits – but what do they actually mean? Metrics in marketing campaigns, also known as key performance indicators (KPIs), not only tell you a lot about your consumers – engagement level, preferences, channel utilization – but they can be a powerful tool to increase revenue as well.

This summer we launched a lead nurture campaign for a major health care company. Using a data analytics strategy, more than 500 pieces of unique content and personalized URLs, it has generated $4.9 million in closed/won business to-date and has influenced pipeline worth more than $106 million.

In another recent project, we developed a cross-media campaign using both print and email to educate consumers on ways to save money on preventive health screenings. With personalized mailers, emails and webpages, the open rate soared to 20.25%, an 18% increase from standard consumer health campaigns. Those clicks translated into higher enrollment and savvier consumers, which is good for everybody’s wallet.

Setting campaign goals and KPIs are important, but most critical is the tracking and analysis. Remember, the numbers mean nothing unless you use them to 1. convert leads into sales and 2. improve next time.

So how will you optimize your next campaign? Start and finish with metrics.

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