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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Everything! Whether you’re naming a business or a band, a product or a service, a book or a baby, the name you choose makes a lasting impression.

There’s been a recent influx of naming projects here at Fusion Hill, but no matter how trend flux, our proven approach holds true. Recently, we asked a financial services client what brand they personally loved. At first they didn’t see the connection. Why did the fact that they loved Sharpie, Ecco and Volvo matter? Our process helped to reveal how they desired their own brand to be perceived and what their core message was. From there, our creative team was free to ideate.

Naming takes planning, refinement, implementation and most importantly … living it out. When Google first came out it sounded crazy and it didn’t give us much of a clue about what they did – but now it’s one of the most well known brands and one of the most used words (if not verbs). A well-chosen name can mean the difference between MacMan and iMac, ShoeSite and Zappos, Pequod and Starbucks. It can mean the difference between failure and success. So what will you name next?

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