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Now that we’re close to year-end, you might be thinking through fresh ways to reach customers or dreaming up novel product offerings. Our team loves to brainstorm new ideas, so we’ve created Spark Cards to share some methods we use. This new tool will help you unlock creativity and boost imagination as you think through your next work (or life!) challenge.

Here are a few tips for leveling up your next Spark session:

  • Create the guest list. Feel free to invite your immediate team, but also consider inviting outsiders who are less weighed down by project details and can bring valuable new perspectives.
  • Get everyone up to speed. Provide some background information that could be used as a primer for the task ahead – for example, a creative brief or a couple of project summary slides.
  • Set the tone – and make it fun! We recommend opening with playful icebreakers, playing music during independent reflection time and, if possible, providing snacks.
  • Buddy up with a co-lead. Keeping the conversation flowing is a tough job. Have someone else take notes and manage technology and logistics so you can focus on facilitating.
  • Give time for individual ideation. Shouting out ideas works great for some, but not for everyone. Building in time for participants to think and write individually creates an inclusive environment.
  • Take the long way around. Spend time ideating with minimal parameters. Setting the expectation that nothing is off limits could be exactly what it takes to make magic happen.

Download our Spark Cards and use them with your team or individually.

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Our hearts are full 💙

As we say goodbye to 2021, we’re feeling extra grateful for this year. The last 18 months, we’ve settled into our work-from-home routines, grown our organization and celebrated our employees. Below are a few things we are especially grateful for.

  • We’ve grown! We’ve hired eight employees across our disciplines and have expanded our footprint across the U.S. You can find some of our staff in Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois and beyond!
  • We love giving back and have done so the past two years by providing our services pro bono to Joyya and Spave to help them successfully launch their rebrands.
  • We’ve celebrated our staff’s many achievements. One of our fabulous designers, Katherine Bosworth, won AdFed’s 32 Under 32 award, and our incredible creative leaders, Jessica Helvey and Emily Sauer, both celebrated 15 years at Fusion Hill.
  • You might have seen us around Minneapolis! We sponsored NAWBO’s Hall of Fame event and Twin Cities Startup Week. Both events are helping our Minneapolis entrepreneurial community grow.
  • In lieu of our traditional Valentine’s Day gift, we donated to three organizations: Northside Achievement Zone, National Urban League and Joyya.

We hope you have a restful year-end with family and friends. See you soon, 2022!

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Twin Cities Startup Week.

In September, Fusion Hill had the privilege not only of participating in Twin Cities Startup Week as a sponsor but also of featuring our VP of Research and Strategy, Amy Behrens, and our VP of Business Strategy, Nina Gazel, as speakers at the event. Because we ourselves are part of a small business, we are always looking for ways to give back to the community, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to share our expertise at this event, the second-largest startup week in the U.S.! Our team presented to a mixed virtual and in-person audience on the power of research, with a presentation titled “Stop Guessing, Start Asking: Using Research to Drive Growth.”

For many startups, conducting research feels out of reach and overwhelming, if they are familiar with it at all. For that reason, our presentation focused on a few actionable topics, including crafting objectives, conducting research on a budget, and finding insights among the data. The audience had so many great questions and engaging conversations that left us energized and grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge. We can’t wait to see them go forth and use the power of research as they continue their startup journeys!

View our Stop Guessing, Start Asking: Using Research to Drive Growth presentation here.

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Each year, Ad 2 Minnesota compiles a prestigious list of the top 32 Under 32 marketing and advertising minds. We are so excited to share that our very own Katherine Bosworth, senior designer, is a recipient of this award!

Katherine has been a shining star on our creative team for the past six years. We recognized Katherine’s leadership ability and thoughtful design within moments of her tremendous internship interview. As expected, she swiftly surpassed the expectations of the internship and rose through challenges to be the innovative, intelligent and humorous senior designer she is today. She eloquently speaks to design solutions and fully engages our client audience – a gift of strategic design and articulation that has impacted countless Fortune 100 brands. In the past year, she has expanded our UX capabilities for clients wanting to create a more meaningful, direct digital presence during the pandemic. From UX design to multichannel campaigns, the experience within design is always at the forefront of her mind.

Not only is she an influential member of the creative team, but Katherine has also spent time volunteering with Art Buddies, helping elementary-age kids foster their love for creativity. She’s also currently enrolled as a mentor for a pilot pen pals program at a Minneapolis elementary school.

We couldn’t be more proud of Katherine’s accomplishments and how they have impacted Fusion Hill and the Minneapolis community.

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At the start of each new year, our creative team conducts a deep dive to uncover the trends that will shape and influence the world of design for the coming year. We believe that design trends, just like research trends, serve as a powerful reflection of shifting consumer desires and preferences.

As the team (virtually) sat down to discuss the trends worth highlighting for 2021, we were struck by how much can change in a year. 2020 pushed us all to find inspiration in new places – influencing the design world for the better. We are starting off 2021 feeling inspired by all that we’ve discovered.

Download the report here of what we are predicting will rise to the top in 2021.

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