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Happy Holidays!

Fusion Hill celebrated 2013 with a holiday party at Mission American Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. We enjoyed a great four-course dinner and toasted another fantastic year in business together.

All the best this holiday season to you and yours!

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Marketing with Heart II.

With four major cardiology projects this month, the Fusion Hill team is immersed in all things heart-related. Most recently, we’ve been working to develop a consumer-driven marketing strategy and campaign for an implant that will change the way atrial fibrillation patients manage stroke risk.

Through rich in-home ethnographies with patients and in-depth interviews with physicians to physicians we uncovered a wealth of insights on the patient journey—their biggest fears, hopes and barriers to considering an implant like this. We then facilitated one of our proprietary co-creation sessions where we used a variety of activities to translate those consumer insights into compelling words and images. These words and images will form the basis for our creative campaign concepts—and ultimately ensure that the consumers’ true voice is genuinely at the heart of this new marketing campaign.

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Like a lot of people, the staff of Fusion Hill is looking forward to long holiday weekends and gathering with friends and family, enjoy marvelously heavy food and give thanks for the year behind us. And we have a great deal to be thankful for! We’ve scored big wins with new health care and financial clients, while being lucky enough to have our long time client relationships continue—and grow even stronger.

A few highlights from our year:

– We entered a new beauty category, and in the process, went for
hikes in the mountains near Seoul, Korea.

– We returned to Brazil, this time to research men’s fragrance.

– We built an event strategy for a major health care company
with a prime time TV twist.

– We created a wellness brand for the world’s foremost innovator in personal computing.

– We added several incredibly talented staff members.

…And the list continues to grow every month. We feel very fortunate, we’re loving our work, and growing our brand and our business as we head
to our 10th anniversary in 2014!

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Marketing with Heart.

In our years of health care marketing experience we’ve seen that the most successful approach hinges on education as a means to engagement. From broad-reaching large-scale campaigns to more targeted tactics, knowing what people want and helping them learn what fills those wants is what gets their attention. This is especially true of health care marketing, which is the majority of our business. That’s why at Fusion Hill, we have both a research team to understand the consumer, and a design team to communicate to the consumer in ways that educate, engage and compel.

Last week, we were named the agency to handle both market research and the creative for the commercial launch of an implantable medical device that manages atrial fibrillation. First, we’ll uncover insights about the patient’s journey with the disease, as well as the roles of physicians, family and friends, the implanters, and other influencers. In the process we’ll observe patients’ drivers and barriers to using an implantable device. We’ll take all these insights together to craft a campaign to educate patients about the device and its benefits. The campaign will also encourage them to ask their doctor to learn more about whether they could receive it as an improvement to their quality of life.

Our client is a major player in the industry with a new device that’s going to change the landscape atrial fibrillation therapy. We’re delighted to be a part of that new world, and can’t wait to get started.

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Creativity Heals.

Fusion Hill is sponsoring the 2nd annual Starry Night benefit to raise funds for a year of arts programming for patients and families being treated at Children’s Hospital. Tonight’s event includes music performance, a Parisian marketplace-themed dinner and a live painting demonstration.

It’s a tremendous honor for Fusion Hill to provide our sponsorship, as well as development of marketing materials for this wonderful cause—alongside other major sponsors Delta, UnitedHealth Group and Prime Therapeutics. For details about this event, to buy tickets or donate to Children’s Hospital, visit: http://childrensmn.org/starrynight/

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The Basics of Engagement.

At Fusion Hill, consumer engagement is king. We’re always exploring ways to reach people where they are–web, print, direct mail, branding and more. Our research arm does the heavy lifting in finding insights, while our design group’s creative rocks tactics that are familiar and time-tested one day, and new and leading-edge the next.

In a recent project for a major health care client, this simple direct mail gem has us pretty excited. It opens like a FedEx package, giving consumers the basic, tactile, designed-to-open experience of a reveal and the sense of opening a special message delivered just for them. With thoughtfully laid out scannable content, this mailer is a true engager, right in your mailbox.

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Getting Creative with Health Plan Options.

In the changing health care landscape, we’re helping a major health care client stay ahead of the curve by supporting large employers in finding creative ways to keep health costs down. One popular option is the health savings account (HSA) and another is health reimbursement account (HRA)—including versions like the health incentive account (HIA) and retiree reimbursement account (RRA). Are any of these part of your health insurance plan? Do they encourage you to be conscientious in your health care choices? These and similar questions are part of our latest research and creative initiatives.

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Ever wonder if all those targeted emails and direct mail pieces drive consumer behavior? Answering that question is very simple with a PURL, or Personal URL, campaign. In a PURL campaign, each recipient is driven to a unique landing page created just for them. We’re excited about a recent campaign for a major health care client that’s gotten great response in open, click through and conversion rates. How would you like to visit a landing page created just for you by your health insurer?

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Taking Time for Fun.

Yesterday we embarked on our quarterly office outing. Our team hit the town in groups of 2 and 3 with a list of challenges and smartphones in hand for a city crawl combined with a photo contest. We ended the afternoon all together at Barrio for snacks, cocktails and laughs. And our winning photo shows off one of our core values: Fun!

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Love/Hate Relationships.

Fusion Hill’s Research Strategy team is in the thick of interviews about why a person chooses the kind of financial provider they do. We’re talking specifically to credit union stakeholders to get a picture of what an average person wants in a credit union, and how brand identity can reflect those wishes. What do you love or hate about your bank or credit union?

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Summertime Party, Fusion Hill Style.

Our summertime Beer Party last night was a sun-soaked, margarita-splashed, life size Jenga-crashing, taco-trucking, big time beer blast. Fusion Hill research and design staff joined up with fantastic clients and friends to celebrate another year of business, right in our own front yard. We can’t wait to do it again next year! (It will be our 10th anniversary, so we plan to make a very big deal of it.)

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A diagnosis of Diabetes—either Type 1 or Type 2, is an emotionally charged one—in particular for families of children receiving the diagnosis. Fusion Hill’s research team has recently wrapped up a project exploring the lives of families who are still dealing with the news.

We learned a great deal about what shapes the family experience of dealing with a child’s Diabetes diagnosis, as well as the particulars of adapting to life with this increasingly common disease. Do you know anyone with Diabetes? Have you found yourself curious about how their family manages it?

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